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About Us

The Cutting-Edge Science Of Amazingly Clean, Bright Smiles


It’s true: your smile is your most valuable asset, so you shouldn’t trust it with “just anyone.” Whether you know it or not, all dental appliance sanitizers are not the same.


Smile Buddy is the world’s first line of dental specialist-approved, multi-action dental appliance sterilizers. Our products are designed to pack a powerful multi-tasking punch that quickly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses -- while leaving your teeth brighter and whiter at the same time.


When you use Smile Buddy, you’re using the latest technology. We utilize potent UVC disinfectants that destroy harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi in seconds – and dental specialist-approved whitening treatments to give you a healthy, clean smile you can feel confident about.


After years of watching patients struggle to properly care for their dental appliances, our experts realized there was a dire need for improvement amongst the outdated, tiresome methods of aligner and retainer care. That’s why every Smile Buddy™  product has been carefully crafted with the knowledge and expertise of practicing dental specialists.


It’s also why: when it comes to protecting your smile, Smile Buddy is the ONE name you can trust!