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Aligner/Retainer Sterilizer

Did You Know?

There are hundreds of millions of bacteria residing inside our mouth. The bacteria are the causes of tooth decay and gum disease.

If you wear a removable appliance like an orthodontic aligner,  retainer, splint or night guard, cleaning simply with water and soap or toothpaste would not eliminate the pathogens.  

Sterilize Your Aligners/Retainers In Just A Few Minutes!

The Smile Buddy ™ Oral Appliance/Aligner/Retainer Sterilizer is a specifically designed portable container that effectively cleans aligners, retainers, splint or night guards, whitening trays, and other small oral devices in 150 seconds.

Using germicidal ultraviolet light, the SmileBuddy™ Oral Appliance Sterilizer kills 99.9% of microorganisms, mold, fungi, and bacteria.

Why You Need It?

✓Safely and effectively sanitizes -  aligners, retainers, splint or night guards, whitening trays, and other small removable oral appliances.

Smile Buddy Oral Appliance Sterilizer uses germidical UV Light to kill 99% of microorganisms, mold, fungi and bacteria.

✓Takes just 150 seconds with the press of a single button – no cleaners needed

✓Automatically switch off when sanitization is complete.

✓Child safety lock feature with magnetic switch design. During operation, if the box is opened, the UVC light will automatically and immediately turn off.

✓Lightweight and portable – great for travel or storage

✓Built-in high capacity lithium 800 mAh battery with USB charger

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