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Retainer Buddy®

Retainer Buddy


Store Your Retainers Safely! 

Usually, retainers are constantly being left on bathroom sinks, bedside tables, kitchen counters, and coffee tables, while leaving them anywhere, it does not only gathers a lot of bacteria but also runs the risk of being lost or accidentally thrown out.

Retainers and aligners are very expensive. So we basically got the solution for it!

A Fun, Convenient, and Sturdy Holder For All Retainers

Our fun Retainer Buddy® characters encourage kids and adults to store their retainers, aligners, and guards safely.

It keeps retainers and aligners safe and off household surfaces during eating, tooth brushing, and other activities.

Retainer Buddy® is fun looking, so every time you see it you will want to put your retainer in the same spot, every time you see it sitting on the bathroom counter, you will remember to put it there.

It comes in several different designs and styles. We are sure you would find a design you like. Our personal favorite is the Unicorn Buddy. It’s so adorable!


Fits all retainers, clear aligners, and mouth guards

Easy to use

Easy to clean

A terrific present

Comes in a variety of fun designs

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